Shelley Ugyan


Hello Wise One.

I see you...

Your passion for what you do. The impact you want to make on other people through the work you are uniquely qualified to do.

You wear your passion on your sleeve.

Me too.

Unfortunately, passion, and even skill and expertise, aren't enough to fill your practice with ideal, high-paying clients.

You must know how to authentically connect and sell to your tribe, master your own mindset to play a bigger game, and offer value that has your clients searching you over and over again.

How would your life be different if you had a regular wait list of ideal clients and have the CONFIDENCE to stand out as a leader in your niche?

What if you had mastery level coaching skills and could create break through transformations with every client?

What if you could master your own mindset so you never go down the rabbit hole of self sabotage and you finally TRUST your ability to fill you practice with clients you love?

You are a coach empowering CHANGE and TRANSFORMATION.

You want a ready to use MASTERY system to create LONG TERM behavioral change with clients.

You want to MASTER your own thinking to fill your practice with clients AND life you love.

AND…you want SUPPORT doing it!

If You’re…

  • SO OVER being stuck in the desperate “slow lane” and so ready for for a plan to move you faster (hello client overload)

  • Ready to let go of stuck and confused and on board for the magnificent purpose driven career path, of abundance and transformation

  • Dying to share your unique gift, and wishing the money thing would figure itself out already!

  • Frustrated watching successful women share their true abilities and make a difference online while you sit wishing in the side lines-

  • Anything BUT clear and confident in who you are, what you desire and what unique “thing” you have to offer the world

  • FEELING stuck, and concerned because you know you need more transformative tools for yourself.. AND your clients.

  • You are tired of worrying about achieving tangible results in sessions and you KNOW having a proven system that works would be a HUGE relief…not to mention a fabulous marketing tool.

I get it!

You no longer need to endure the devastation of struggling to “figure it out” alone or floundering with a coach who doesn’t get you!

I’m Shelley Ugyan, and not too far back I too was struggling as a new coach. I had a background in Cognitive Psychology and 15 years in education and was excited to share the depth of skill I knew I had and really create change for women like me- women who were done settling in all areas of life!

I had no idea, however, that having: skills, knowledge and even a desire to make a massive impact in the online space did not necessarily translate to a full practice.

Shelley Ugyan

After months of confusion and exhaustion just trying to figure out what to do next, I soon realized: not knowing how to make money, debt and constantly struggling to keep up with the bills could not go on for much longer!

I had spent many months watching other women make their transformational businesses a success, so why not me?

After hiring my first high end business coach, I realized that the only thing different about me and them- is that these women actually made the decision to go for it.

They were not playing small. They were not stuck in a limiting mindset that said- “you can’t do that”, “you can’t charge that”… They were not waiting for the perfect moment to start, and they actually shut the back door on their former life…for good! They committed to making it happen in a way that aligned for each one of them. They loved life and they were not apologetic for their wealth!

These women made me realize that’s what I wanted. To create massive transformational change as well as abundance in all areas of life in a way that felt authentic to me!

Fast forward 10 years, I am now, as a successful mindset and business coach for ambitious, purpose driven lady bosses and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with amazing women every single day. It’s my passion to walk you through building your dream businesses. To lay the framework that gives you clarity, ease and confidence – just like I have done.

MINDsight is a proven, transformative client attraction and sales program that serves women in several countries around the world. So many are now celebrating their own huge successes including thousands of online sales and a full practice of clients they love.

My approach to success is based on a 3 PILLAR SYSTEM that has EVERY woman in business:

  • MASTER the Cognitive Coaching tools used to create transformation in client habit patterns and behaviors

  • TRANSFORM their own thinking and confidence level to the mindset of a 6-figure earner

  • ATTRACT ideal clients consistently in a way that feel authentic and loving every time

I know that this 3 Pillar System was a game changer for my own success!

Understanding that I had the power and tools to change my thinking was a magical experience.

My transformation took my limited beliefs, that told me I would not have the time, wisdom, tools or the ability to create success online, and re-shaped them into a powerful force of leadership.

With this solid foundation I was able to master the steps to client attraction and authentic sales and I’m thrilled to teach YOU this unique system as well!

With a deep sense of purpose comes attraction. Harnessing that attraction can transform your life.


There are a whole lot of courses out there these days that talk about systems or the “how to” steps and formulas…the problem with those is, they don’t teach you much about real authentic client attraction, how to leverage an online business and how to sell with confidence. Even more scary is that the personal development and mindset needed to reach 6 figures and beyond is not addressed- NOR do they offer a step by step system that can be used to get RESULTS in every niche!

Mindset, confidence and clarity are an inside game. In order to show up 100% and be seen as an expert, you must BECOME the expert on the inside. Without transforming your own blocks and challenges, there is very little point in learning the tools and strategies of online business.

Also- having a program you can access at any time, with all the tools needed for success, can change everything. Instead of battling your business alone, the trainings and recorded calls provide a step by step formula for success. Not to mention a high vibe group of women to support and empower you every step of the way.

MINDsight is about stepping into mastery in business and in life, and therefore allowing yourself to shine as a female online entrepreneur. Its about starting fresh with a decision to make THIS the year you step into your power fully, own your worth and serve in the way you are meant to- the way that you were born to serve on this planet!

So Dear One, Here is what I KNOW...

  • There is no place for settling or thinking small

  • Being congruent and thinking BETTER in all areas of life is necessary to a successful business

  • Most coaches online are NOT getting the results fast enough get magnetic testimonials online

  • We cannot expect our clients to do the work if we haven’t cleared our own blocks ourselves

  • MINDsight offers a step by step system to use to market to your niche, which is essential to long term growth and powerful client attraction in the busy online  space


You will tap into a series of progressive trainings along side an intimate group of positive, driven and inspired female boss ladies each week to dive in, and learn from the space of your own home, wherever you are in your business, while being motivated and encouraged to grow and expand to new levels and given the tools to do us that! A transformative live event focused on cognitive behavioral training, business strategy and mindset breakthrough’s sets this program apart from any other.


With in depth training in the cognitive behavioural coaching model, you will learn to master the CBC approach and BREAK FREE of the limited beliefs that have kept you from your dreams once and for all!

Mastering the system in depth, you will have the opportunity to practice with peers and you can expect a complete PARADIGM SHIFT which will have you standing powerfully, and confidently online- ready to change lives WITHOUT ANY HESITATION WHATSOEVER!!


Having graduated from your personal development program, you will learn to teach others how to create their own breakthrough’s using the CBC approach! These trainings show you how to facilitate the CBC approach powerfully and confidently in any niche area with all clients that come through your door! You will earn o brand and market this unique system according to your needs and it will have you stand out, even amidst all the online noise!

Get ready for ah-mazing testimonials and referrals you can barely keep up with! Filling your practice will be SO much easier with a proven technique to advertise online and a system that has you feel confident creating breakthrough’s with clients over and over again!


The client attraction and marketing modules inspire action mixed with joyful creation as you master your online brand, message,  signature program and high ticket offers and learn how to sell and market yourself authentically with JOY! Your potential for greatness is activated here and consistent growth is the result!

Each week will begin with Shelley facilitating a high vibe, motivational and transformational recorded call which will follow the weekly module. Participants have raved about the calls alone with completely different content from the written modules!

Shelley Ugyan

You will be guided through 21 modules bi-weekly and calls - and will have time to implement with ease!


23 Training Modules

Access to all webinars and training calls Shelley gives

within the 11 month time frame.

(Value: $6000)

11 Recorded Calls

to facilitate deeper learning & further support!

(Value: $16,000)



The March Live Event will be an unforgettable, life changing experience! Attending the live events does not only completely change the course and trajectory of your life and business, but it offers friendships you could never have imagined possible! This is an opportunity to think bigger and EXPAND. If there is one way to expand, grow, and truly see what's's to TRAVEL to beautiful destinations to be mentored in a high vibe with others on the same path to success!


For those of you committed to increasing your monthly income and surrounding yourself with women who are playing BIG- this will be a gamechanger!

(Value: $5000 USD)


High level social media training!  

(Value: $595 USD)


A FREE coupon for 1:1 Mastery level 40 minute Coaching session with Shelley within 2 months of purchase!  

(Value: $500 USD)



You are woman who is done settling in all areas of life and you are ready to follow your dreams and create the dream life you have always desired! You know that to succeed in business you must address personal development and mindset piece every step of the way. You are ready to show up 100% and receive the massive support available while bringing an attitude of excitement, courage and readiness to the tribe. You want a program that is at a reasonable price that WORKS, and can be done from your own home!


  • Feel super confident and clear in WHO you are and what your unique message is

  • Master the Cognitive Behavioral System to market in your business and create a unique level of transformation

  • Know exactly what to focus on to get results and to make money

  • Own your worth and master your money mindset so you magnify growth in all areas of life

  • Do what it takes to overcome blocks and old stories that have kept you stuck

  • Receive all the tools and structures to create a successful online business with clients you LOVE

  • Book clients with confidence and ease because you trust yourself and you know what you are doing

  • Start maximizing your time and create space for things you love by learning to THINK BETTER

  • Book and Close Discovery Calls with Love

  • Create programs and packages that sell and are connected to your unique brand

  • A clear vision, mission and client attraction formula online


Shelley Ugyan

Confidence & visibility online

Cultivating boundaries

Releasing resistance & self-sabotage

The Coach Approach communication

Wealth mindset

Transformation & behavioural change

Personal development & CBC

Mastering sales in authenticity & power

Branding as uniquely YOU

Creating ongoing discovery calls

Staying focused & gaining clarity

Making offers & creating programs

Solution Focused Coaching

Socratic questioning

When you decide to show up and say YES to your dreams, without compromise, you are ready to begin. This year is all about learning  who you are, and what you stand for to create the life and business of your dreams.


"I’ve had the absolute pleasure and privilege of working with Shelley for the past 3+ years. So I knew when The Program came along – it was a must for me and my business! After participating in The Program with other women entrepreneurs, I’m absolutely thrilled about the evolution of my business!

Not only is The Program full of amazing materials and resources, going through this 6-month process with Shelley facilitating every step of the way has allowed me to delve even further into letting go of limiting beliefs, building my wealth consciousness, getting really clear on who my ideal client is, and to creating my multi-level, multi-faceted signature program for Living From Love not Fear.

Learning from and having access to these brilliant, dynamic, vibrant online fellow entrepreneurs on the calls has also inspired me to push myself even further (inside and out) as all of us travel our individual business and life journeys together.

Thank you Shelley and The Program for giving me the resources, confidence, and inspiration I needed to take my thinking and business, and life to the next level and beyond!"

  • Lesia Kohut, Holistic Wellness Practitioner & Spiritual Activist

21 Bi-Weekly Modules


Master Your Money Story


Clarify Blocks & Re-Write

the Stories


Target Market Mastery

Your beliefs around wealth and your stories about your own worth are affecting every area of your business- and your life. In this module we focus where these blocks are and clear them for good!

Personal Development is about looking at what is getting in your own way and how it is affecting your bank account, your relationships, your online presence, your business and your own happiness. We will be re-writing those old stories and creating a new paradigm of success with no more fear of failure or confusion on how to break through!

Identifying your target market is key to your success online. Whether you have already fee solid in this area, or are still putting your “ ideal client” pieces together, this module will have you walking away with a new perspective on attraction marketing, client conversations and client attraction in the online space!


Personal Development: Client Attraction & Discovery Calls


Coaching Facilitation: 101


Boundaries & Attracting

Ideal Clients

Discovery Calls with your ideal clients will feel exciting, refreshing, and truly authentic after this module. Learning how to use a proven step by step method to really understand your clients needs, stories, and objections, will have you will feeling confident and at ease every step of the way. This means sign up’s with ideal clients without feeling slimy, nervous or tense ever again! Client attraction is just that. Be ready to have your ideal clients

Listening is truly a lost art in todays world. This module will teach you how to really listen and empathize with a client in a way that has them transform their negative patterns and break through their own destructive patterns. You will learn how to ask those high mileage deeper level questions that has them look at what isn’t working and facilitate their own movement towards transformational growth.

Having clients that take responsibility for their own growth and healing are a given when you know how to create boundaries in your business structures, relationships and in your own life. Here will master the art of attracting the clients that you truly desire and the non-negotiable structure to sustain a business that thrives on this high level success frequency.


Branding & Irresistible Messaging


Serving with Sales #1


Serving with Sales #2

All marketing comes down to your unique message- and how you share it. That is everything. Your brand is so much more than the colors you chose and the font on your site…If you don’t communicate who you are and what you stand for, your clients won’t take action, and you’ll be frustrated. You wont be able to serve in the way you are meant to and your clients wont understand what you truly can provide! This module is the secret sauce to that frustration! You will come out of this module with an in depth analysis of your personal brand, your messaging and the copy that connects to your clients.

The old paradigm with sales is completely outdated. Gone are the days of convincing someone they need something or trying to prove that what you can do WILL help your potential client. Here we really dig deep into your potential clients needs and desires and connect them to your offering in a way that is authentic and true to your purpose and your brand. Mastering the mindset of service in sales and role play will be a huge component here!

This week will focus on the tools and strategies to close sales calls and really dig into objections so that your potential client can understand where they are stuck and how you can help. By learning a step by step method to listen and respond in a way that digs deeper, you will truly be able to take their perspective, clarify their gain and take a stand for them in a way that feels true to who you are and empowers them to move forward and create the life they desire!


Free & Paid Offers Online


List Building


Launch Plans & Success

Creating offers online and putting together programs must be done in a way that looks at your unique client niche and the needs of you present client base. In this module, you will create an outline for your unique signature program and funnels that attract and retain clients not only because they serve their specific needs and meet them where they are at, but because they are designed and priced based on a formula that is proven to build success!

If you have been around the online world for a while you know that the money is in the list… and so is your long term business development. This week will focus on how to build a list in a way that is congruent to your unique brand, and focuses on your assets and strengths. You will learn 15 new ways to build your list form the ground up- in months, not years!

Understanding how to launch and using a proven system to create momentum is essential in any coaching practice. Learn how to take your signature program out to the world and create a ripple effect that has fills you …and your bank account with joy!


3rd Week of March: LIVE event


Cognitive Behavioral Change

(Self & Others)


Maximize Your Site for Success


The SMART Hustle

Cognitive behavioral coaching tools and strategies will become an integrated part of your work after this in depth training module. You will learn how to easily and readily use this transformative system as part of your art of coaching facilitation. This module will not only put you leaps and bounds ahead in the industry, but will have you feeling 100% confident in your coaching abilities- with any client!

Your website is your branding masterpiece. Its says who you are, what you stand for and it supports your vision with powerful programs, opts in’s, sales pages and systems to match. An in depth look at your site and the structures to support it will be the focus as well as making any changes necessary to have you operating in you area of excellence as your unique brand which speaks directly to your tribe!

Learning to honor the seasons in your business is an art that must be mastered. When you understand the season of the “hustle” , in balance to your feminine flow, it can be empowering, exciting…and even FUN! Learning how to run your business from both the feminine and masculine energy systems will create balance in your business and your life, and expansion and growth will be your guaranteed result!


Healing the Wounded

Inner Child


Leading Intensives &

Live Calls


The Deep Dive: Pulling Belief Systems From Their Roots

This module alone will transform the way you see the world and those around you. When you heal the inner child in your clients (as a coach, not a therapist) you empower a level of awareness and transformation that they likely have not even imagined to be possible. This will bring your practice to the next level…referrals will speak for themselves.

Your ability to create change and learning opportunities will not only tap into the magic of your marketing but will give your ideal clients an opportunity for deeper level growth, as well as more purposeful connection with you. Intensive and Live calls are essential for 6 figure.

Silent assumptions are how you and your clients define your personal worth. They’re the base of your self-esteem. They represent your value system and your personal philosophy.  Learn how to break and transform silent assumptions that lead to a self-defeating belief system for you and your clients! By learning to expose and challenge your own self-defeating belief system, you lay the foundation for a personal philosophy that is valid and self-enhancing. You will be on the road to joy and emotional enlightenment.


The Magnetic Landing Page


Pricing and Packages


Codependency & Addiction/Early Maladaptive Perceptions

Walk away with a magnetic landing page that converts using all of the best tools in authentic selling of 2018! Landing page creation is an essential skill if you want to improve conversions and make more sales. This module will have you walk away with create your own high-converting optin landing pages that are authentic and on brand.

There’s a good reason this is such a common challenge for entrepreneurs – because no-one teaches you how to go about doing this – especially when you’re starting out. Most leaders simply have no real idea how to value what they do! This module will have you find the sweet spot for your customers, without getting stuck looking at competitors and thinking you’re charging too much or need to undercut them. Walk away with packages that fit your unique niche and attract your clients to buy again and again.

Master the strengths-based support model for people with active addictions or who are in recovery from alcohol, drugs, codependency, or other addictive behaviours. In this module you will learn help clients find ways to stop addiction (abstinence), or reduce harm associated with addictive behaviours. You will learn how to help a client find resources for harm reduction, detox, treatment, family support and education, local or online support groups; or help a client create a change plan to recover on their own.



The March Live Event will be an unforgettable, life changing experience! Attending the live events does not only completely change the course and trajectory of your life and business, but it offers friendships you could never have imagined possible! This is an opportunity to think bigger and EXPAND. If there is one way to expand, grow, and truly see what's's to TRAVEL to beautiful destinations to be mentored in a high vibe with others on the same path to success!


For those of you committed to increasing your monthly income and surrounding yourself with women who are playing BIG- this will be a gamechanger!

(Value: $5000 USD)


High level social media training! 

(Value: $595 USD)


A FREE coupon for 1:1 Mastery level 40 minute Coaching session with Shelley within 2 months of purchase! 

(Value: $500 USD)

MINDsight takes everything online marketing and mindset and places it in a proven system that is easy to use and only requires your execution! You don’t need to feel stuck in confusion or doubt anymore. No more overwhelm or insecurity. You get to show up with the support of a tribe and reap the results that so many have already.

All of this for only...

$10,500 USD

Special Waitlist Pricing

$8997 USD

(or 12 Monthly Payments of $799 USD)

Special Waitlist Price ONLY available until August 15th, 2018!

Calling The VIPs

Would it feel like paradise to get everything inside MINDsight PLUS the opportunity to work privately alongside Shelley? Does the thought of having Shelley’s brain on your business feel like you’ve hit the jackpot?  Then there’s a VIP spot with your name on it!

VIP’s receive the MINDsight program AND:

  • One, 90 minute mindset or business strategy call with Shelley to use in the first 6 months of the program

  • Two, 60 minute VIP coaching calls with other VIP members

  • Three Bonus Trainings: Hot Seat Training package, Massive Momentum 5 Day Training Series & The 5 Day Sales Challenge!


Become a MINDsight VIP for only one payment of

$999.00 USD

Not sure if this is right for you?

Act now! This introductory price won't last long!

Don’t wait – this will not only change your business, your clientele & your confidence…


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